Con Brio | Stockholm Special Schools Performance Project, Oct 2017
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Stockholm Special Schools Performance Project,
Oct 2017

Stockholm Special Schools Performance Project,
Oct 2017

Con Brio has been delighted to work in an advisory role on a fantastic performance project with 32 talented young people from two special schools in Stockholm.

Led by Swedish-based musician and creative producer Lucy Rugman, and UK composer Andy Smith,  a team of 8 musicians delivered creative workshops in two special schools, exploring traditional folk tales and writing new music in response.  The music was then arranged into a 40 minute, through-composed piece.  Partner venue Musikaliska helped to produce an incredibly high quality final performance, attended by parents, colleagues, and 70 other school children.

“This was a very moving performance – the musicians were so skilled at giving a voice to the students’ and their creative ideas.”  Audience Member.


What elements made this project so successful? 


  • The calibre of musicians/music leaders.  We brought together the very best talent from Sweden and the UK.


  • The attitude of all musicians to collaboration and professional development.  Everyone was a specialist in their unique area, and committed to sharing expertise with other musicians (including different pedagogic/cultural contexts between UK & Sweden).


  • The partners.   Time was spent building relationships with venue Musikaliska, Stockholm Concert Orchestra, Filmmaker Per-Markus Heggestad, Haga Duo, and project adviser Maja Adolphson.  Everyone has a genuine commitment to the project.


  •  The scale and artistic ambition of the project.   We were very clear from the outset that this was going to be an exceptional experience for the young people involved.  We kept a tight focus, didn’t try to work with too many groups, and committed the resources to do everything to a very high standard.


  • Project Leadership.   For Creative Producer Lucy Rugman, this project marked an exciting next phase in her development.  Access to leadership schemes (e.g. ISPA Fellowship) and practical mentoring/advice (from Con Brio; Maja Adolphson; Musikaliska) enabled her to produce an exceptionally high quality project and introduce new possibilities to the sector.


What next? 

Con Brio is keen to work with other partners in the UK and Europe on performance projects which bring together international teams of specialists, creating fabulous experiences for communities and rich new learning for the musical workforce.