Con Brio | What we do
Con Brio supports artists, arts organisations and charities to make their creative ideas happen.
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What we do

Work with artists & social entrepreneurs
Work with artists & social entrepreneurs

Con Brio works with individual artists, social entrepreneurs and charity leaders to help them define and achieve their goals.  This includes support with business planning, fundraising, professional development and project management.

Case Study on Work with artists
Work with organisations

We work hard to fully understand individual and organisational values, so that we can become in effect additional members of the team.  We often work with organisations over an extended period, helping to identify longer term solutions that build core capacity.

Case Study on Work with organisations
Work with organisations
International training / exchange projects
Training / exchange projects

Con Brio regularly provides live and online training sessions for artists and organisations on project development and fundraising, both across the UK and further afield.   We also try to connect international artists and organisations, facilitating skills exchange and developing new practice.

Examples of international projects