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International Training,
Exchange Projects

International Training / Exchange Projects

International Training,
Exchange Projects

In November 2015 Con Brio worked with Swedish organisation Musikalliansen to develop a training programme for Swedish musicians, equipping them with the skills and confidence to make music alongside children in special schools.  The training project included intensive workshops as well as a day working within a Stockholm special school.

Con Brio carefully designed a training package that would quickly bring together five musicians who had never previously collaborated and give them practical, hands on experience of this specialist work. The impact was profound, not just on the children who eventually took part in the musical workshop but on the musicians themselves, who discovered fascinating new ways of sharing their music.

“I learnt a lot about myself. I got to know my own reactions in the meeting with the children. I had strong emotional feelings during the whole day. To meet the children in this way is for me exclusive, important and full of meaning….I will strive for more of this kind of work. I’m looking forward to developing “my own” way of doing this, with so much help and inspiration from these two days in Stockholm.” Project Musician.

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