Con Brio | Finding the right ‘ecology’ for your creative business…
Con Brio supports artists, arts organisations and charities to make their creative ideas happen.
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Finding the right ‘ecology’ for your creative business…

Finding the right ‘ecology’ for your creative business…

Con Brio is now based at Old Granada Studios, a flexible co-working space established by Allied London in the former Granada TV building.

The move has already led to a number of collaborations with other tenant companies, as well as access to first class facilities for business planning sessions and coaching with clients. 

Much more important than the space is the mix of creative businesses within it – spanning the fantastic social enterprise Reform Radio, recording studio Low Four, through to designers, tech start ups and many others. 

As Allied London continue their plans for the wider St John’s development, the ideas and energy of current and future resident companies will continue to play an important role turning the vision for a new ‘enterprise quarter’ into an evolving and vibrant reality.    

More info on OGS Works is available here..

“In the end it’s about people. Not buildings….not necessarily location (though that does help). To the discomfort of many, it is about who runs the place, their Diaghilevian skill and maybe, the example…of what they do themselves”.  Peter Cook, Architectural Review.



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